Hospitality worth

Hospitality worth

Hospitality worth  If it wasn’t for my brother moving to hospital for a double hip replacement, I probably would never have known about Sardinia! Hospitality worth

Heavily laden with olive groves, fig trees, vines, and olive oil, this Mediterranean island is the place to combine a love of nature with paying respect and a thirst for adventure. It’s a haven for hikers, rafters, skiers, divers, and those on horseback who enjoy the countryside and all that it has to offer. If you’re thinking about visiting this lovely island for your next vacation, understand me – it’s well worth the price you pay to be here! UFABET เว็บตรง


Public Holidays

Sardinia is no exception when it comes to public holidays, and the summer months are no exception of course. February is a popular month for tourists as bars, restaurants and clubs are easily accessible from the airports with easy-to-use public transport. However, you can find yourself crowded in the summer months as so many tourists fly in towards warmer regions. ข้อเสนอไดเรกทอรีท่องเที่ยวที่ดีที่สุด

At this point, it’s a good idea to find out before you buy your ticket and book your resort that you will be able to make use of ‘El letras’ (fireworks displays) and other breathtaking shows that are put up from the end of May to early July. If you do want to fly in during August, the best time will be around the middle of December, as there will be less tourists around and the flights will be less full. You shouldn’t have any problem getting a mid-year vacation during the busy summer months if you are flexible in your travel dates, as there are plenty of job opportunities around the summer season anyway.

Rural Tourism

Another popular form of tourism in the island is that of the rural or agriturismo. Many Sardinians speak excellent English, making the island a popular destination for travelers from other countries. If you’re looking for nicer beaches and less tourists, if you don’t mind the hikes in altitude, and if you can handle the heat and humidity, agriturismo is the perfect island getaway!

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for old-fashioned villages and vineyards, you’re not going to be disappointed. Sardinia has a surprisingly large number of these, and they make for a great place to visit and get a sense of what an older, authentic part of the island looks like. Many of these tourist areas, such as the Portablealoka and the San Tudur rustic port, also have excellent wine tasting and treasure trove of additional activities.


IFA, as a whole, is a fantastic tourist resource. But highlight it also has a booming tourist industry, and one of the main benefactors of this is the island’s economy. Almost 11 million tourists visited the island of Sardinia in 2010, with nearly 2 million accounting for about half of the entire population of the island. With 2 mega-resorts ( Paramount di Santa Teide and Cagliari) and a number of other smaller sized towns, including Fontanelle and Porto Cervo, you know you are spending your holiday at a place most people have heard of.

If you’re a bargain hunter, however, you may want to examine the island of Sardinia. With its beautiful beaches, mountains and the largest cave system in Europe, you definitely will not be disappointed!

Hospitality worth